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Right Sourcing

What is outsourcing?
NXG Group’s Strategic Outsourcing Services is the management of a companies’ applications and information technology (IT) systems. Customers strategically partner with NXG Group to manage and operate their applications and IT systems, generally under a mutually beneficial agreement. The outsourcing agreement may include the transfer of IT employees and IT assets to NXG Group. NXG Group Services provides service level assurances to ensure quality of service is attained and measured.

NXG Group Services offers the following Strategic Outsourcing Services:

Business Process Outsourcing: We manage a specific process or function for a client (for example, finance and accounting, human resources, learning or procurement) more efficiently and cost-effectively than the client can manage it in-house.

Application Outsourcing: We manage the operation of software programs (“applications”) for clients. These applications—which can number in the thousands—must be maintained and upgraded periodically. In some cases, applications must be customized through computer programming for highest performance.

Infrastructure Outsourcing: We offer infrastructure-outsourcing services in support of our business process outsourcing and application outsourcing arrangements. Services include data center operations, help desk support, network management, security and e-mail.


What is e-business Hosting?

NXG Group Hosting Services – delivers the reliability, availability and expertise you need today, plus the flexibility to change as you grow — all without a major investment. We have solutions for e-business of all sizes and the skills to keep you up and running.

NXG Group offers the following hosting services:

  • Application Hosting —  Let our experience managing leading packaged applications speed your time to market and allow you to focus on your business. 
  • Facilities Hosting —  NXG Group offers the many benefits of collocation plus the flexibility of optional services that will help your e-business grow.
  • Managed Hosting —  Get what you need today and prepare for tomorrow with modular, scaleable hosting solutions managed by NXG Group.

What customer value is created?

  • Reduces IT costs and improves shareholder value
  • Provides the flexibility to transition and transform to the next generation of infrastructure and applications
  • Lets companies focus on their core competencies
  • Improves service levels
  • Gains access to industry, business and technology experts
Services include:
LIMS Implementaion (Labware LIMS, Sapphire LIMS, Sample Manager)
LIMS Support, LIMS Data Migration, LIMS Upgrade, Empower integration
Crystal Reporting, Business Objects reporting
NWA Quality Control Charting
Business analysis/needs assessment
Integration with internal or external systems
Instrument Interfacing, LIMS Link
Basic database support and Data Migration services
Support for upgrades and Maintenance
Testing and Validation Audit Efforts
Application Development and Maintenance
Architecture Consulting
B2E , Business Intelligence and Data Warehousing
Content Management
e-Business , Enterprise Applications Services
CRM, ERP, e-Procurement and B2B Marketplaces
Product Life Cycle Management (PLM)
Quality Consulting, System Integration
Enterprise Application Integration
Technology Infrastructure Services
Testing Services, Web ServicesSupply Chain / Demand Planning
Programming Languages
-ASP.NET, VB.NET, C#, ASP, PHP,VISUAL BASIC, JAVA, JSP, Python, GOOGLE Apps, Customized Shopping Carts, Payment Gateways, E-Commerce Applications
LIMS Technologies:
– Sample Manager LIMS
Reporting Technologies:
– Crystal Repors
– Business Objects
– NWA Quality control trending charts
– Cognos
Graphics & Image services:
– Macromedia Dreamweaver
– Flash
– Iphone Applications
– Flex programmingOracle Demantra / JD Edwards

Our primary business objective is to provide solutions focused on the user, that in turn, help organizations achieve their critical business objectives. Associates of the company average over ten years of industry experience and have worked on numerous custom LIMS software projects, Supply Chain and Demand Planning projects. We strive to provide a cost effective solution. We are a team of LIMS and Supply Chain professionals who have worked in all facets of the Design and development process and have extensive backgrounds in Pharmaceutical process, Chemical, biotechnology, management, IT and science. Our success has been built on our unique ability to speak directly to scientists, managers and information technologists and to understand their respective needs. Let us put our knowledge and experience to work for you to deliver a customized and cost effective Software solution.

NXG Group’s services can be engaged through any of the following models:
-Supplement your in-house team:
You could bring in NXG Group’s specialists to support your own team. With a large pool of professionals available, we are able to allocate resources to match your exact skill-set & work-experience requirements. Our full time equivalents can work with you on a short, medium or long-term, as you see fit.
-Outsource the entire product / application development requirements:
You could outsource the complete development of your product/ applicatin to NXG Group. We undertake the entire gamut of responsibilities – Gathering business requirement, product planning, execution, deployment and support. All work is done on pre-agreed timelines and budgets; frequent milestones are released to provide transparency.

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